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Cavotec inks order for MoorMaster automated mooring system

05 Mar 2019 9:55 AM | Anonymous

Original news was published on 04 March 2019

Cavotec has signed a order for its MoorMaster automated mooring system

Cavotec has signed an agreement with a port operator to equip two berths at a terminal with its MoorMaster automated mooring systems.

Cavotec declined to name the customer, but said the MoorMaster system will cover two berths, delivery will start in 2019 and the systems will enter service in 2020. The order value is approximately EUR 10.3 million, the majority of which will be booked in 2019 and the remainder in 2020.
Cavotec now has competition in vacuum mooring system from Trelleborg Marine Systems, which has developed its own “Automoor” system to compete with MoorMaster.

Cavotec notes that “Twenty years after the installation of the first system, it [MoorMaster] is the only proven and widely used automated mooring technology on the market. To date, around 280 MoorMaster units have performed some 500,000 moorings at ferry, bulk and container handling ports, as well as locks and ship-to-ship applications worldwide”.

This application was installed to mitigate wave induced vessel motion at a 500m berth extension built outside the port’s breakwater. The system, which featured a total of 42 vacuum mooring units was designed to withstand temporary immersion during storm conditions when waves can overtop the berth.
The MoorMaster units were installed in pairs, with one each side of a fender.


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