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  • 13 Jun 2014 8:42 AM | Anonymous

    Original news was published on 12 June, 2014

    Performed simultaneously in two yards in India and one in Oman

    Lift & Shift India Pvt (LSPL) has completed the loadout of 17 modules for Larsen & Toubro at their yards in India (Hazira, Gujarat and Katupalli in Chennai and Tamil Nadu) and in Oman at Sohar.

    The modules and related cargoes were for the B-127 and HRP fields in Mumbai High and Yetugon in Myanmar. The B 127 project included four decks and four jackets, while the HRP project had three decks and three jackets, Lift & Shifts said in a statement. The Yetugon project consisted of one jacket, one deck, one crane and four sets of piles. The loadouts were done simultaneously.

    LSPL  provided a set of 100-plus axles and barges at each location. The jackets weighed from 1,227 tons to 3,500 tons. The 140-meter-long Yetugon jacket loadout was the first time a jacket was loaded out using a skidding technique, LSPL said in a statement. The company imported heavy-duty winches and a ballast monitoring system in addition to the strand jacks. The operation lasted 36 hours, which included moving the jacket from the yard to the jetty over 140 meters and then skidding it onto a 400-class barge.


  • 12 Jun 2014 8:48 AM | Anonymous

    Original news was published on 11 June, 2014

    Almajdouie Heavy Lift Transport moved  an evaporator, weighing 5,736.8 tons to the Yanbu 3 Desalination Plant in Saudi Arabia.

    The evaporator is considered the world’s largest and there are more to come. A total of six evaporators will be transported by Almajdouie, GPLN said in a statement on behalf of its member. Four of these evaporators will be fabricated in Vietnam and shipped to the jetty site at Yanbu, where they will be rolled off the vessel and transported to the foundation by use of self-propelled modular transporters. The remaining two will be locally fabricated in modules Bilfal Heavy Industries and transported to the site for assembly.

    The first evaporator sailed on April 24 from Dung Quat port in Vietnam and reached Yanbu Red Sea port in the Al Madinah province of western Saudi Arabia on May 18. Almajdouie met the vessel at the Yanbu jetty with 200 axle lines of SPMTs and six power packs to execute the roll-off operation. The mammoth evaporator measured 138 meters long, 32 meters wide and 11.4 meters high.

    After the berthing, custom clearance and removal of sea fastening procedures, a steel plate bridge was placed between the vessel and the jetty to facilitate the roll-on of the SPMTs, which were already fitted with temporary intermediate steel supports. After the jack-up of the evaporator using the SPMTs integral hydraulic system, the roll-off procedure over the steel plate bridge began in conjunction with the vessel ballasting to maintain the level of the barge to the jetty.

    Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction is building the Yanbu Phase 3 Seawater Desalination Plant under a contract worth US$ 1 billion from the SWWC of Saudi Arabia. The plant is located about 350 miles north of Jeddah and will produce 550,000 cubic meters of water each day.


  • 12 Jun 2014 8:45 AM | Anonymous
    Original news was published on 11 June, 2014

    RollDock Shipping today (June 11) took delivery of RollDock Storm, a semi-submersible heavy-lift ro-ro vessel, built by Flensburger-Schiffbau-Gesellschaft in Germany. RollDock Storm is the fourth in a series of vessels, following RollDock Sun, RollDock Sea and RollDock Star.

    Each vessel in the series is equipped with two 350-ton-capacity Liebherr heavy-lift cranes and a heavy duty ro-ro ramp with a weight capacity of up to 4,000 tons, which can be positioned at various levels in relation to the quay, RollDock Shipping said in a statement. They also have the ability to submerge to load cargoes such as dredgers, submarines and various naval craft.

    The vessels’ dock holds are box shaped and measure 119.44 meters long and 19.4 meters wide. With a maximum shallow draft of only 5.67 meters fully loaded coupled with exceptional manoeuvrability, the RollDock Storm and its sister vessels are able to call remote ports with little water depth to load or discharge cargo. Sailing speed is about 17 knots.

    In related news, RollDock and its joint venture partner BigLift that formed BigRoll, will expand its fleet as well. BigRoll Barentsz and BigRoll Bering are scheduled to be delivered in 2015. These vessels have been designed to deliver large and heavy modules and can access remote Arctic locations due to their Finnish Swedish 1A Ice Class approval.  BigRoll also holds an option on two more sister vessels.

    Photo: Inside RollDock’s new RollDock Storm semi-submersible vessel. Courtesy of RollDock Shipping.


  • 11 Jun 2014 8:38 AM | Anonymous
     Original news was published on 10 June, 2014

    THE current International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) mechanical seal standard (ISO 17712:2010) has been changed to ISO 17712:2013, shippers were reminded by Hong Kong's Orient Overseas Container Line (OOCL).

    The shipping line announced in a notice to trade that it will fully cooperate with the authorities concerned to ensure compliance with this ISO standard to meet the seal requirement.

    "Customers who will be responsible for supplying and affixing high security seals on their containers are also reminded to ensure full compliance to the ISO requirements," the statement said.


  • 11 Jun 2014 8:36 AM | Anonymous
      Original news was published on 10 June, 2014

    SAL Anne-Sofie carries vessels from Turkey to Iraq

    Liburnia Maritime Agency has loaded two oil recovery vessels in Tuzla, a suburb of Istanbul, Turkey.

    The vessels were loaded onto Anne-Sofie, SAL’s 12,000-tonne-deadweight multipurpose vessel that has two onboard cranes with a combined lifting capacity of 1,400 tonnes. Each of the recovery vessels weighed 338 tons and measured 42 meters long, GPLN said in a statement on behalf of its Croatian member.

    The Anne-Sofie carried the cargoes to Umm Qasr, a port city in southern Iraq.


  • 10 Jun 2014 8:37 AM | Anonymous

        Original news was published on 9 June,2014

    Vestas will refocus efforts on the Brazilian market by investing US$43.6 million to meet local manufacturing requirements.

    Vestas will localize 70 percent of hub and nacelle manufacturing at its facility near Fortaleza in the north-eastern state of Ceará, the Danish wind energy manufacturing company said in a statement. Initially, the facility will have a production capacity of more than 400 megawatts per year with the possibility of expanding to 800 megawatts. Blade and tower production will also be sourced locally in order to comply with the Brazilian government’s requirements.

    The Brazilian Development Bank requires foreign turbine makers to buy or make all of their main parts domestically for their customers to be eligible for cheap loans from state bank BNDES, a rule that was announced in December 2012. Previously, 60 percent of parts had to be locally sourced.

    “We are delighted to announce our plan to ramp up operations in Brazil to comply with local requirements,” Jean-Marc Lechêne, Vestas executive vice president of manufacturing and global sourcing, said. “Brazil is one of the most competitive and fastest-growing markets in the world.”

    Vestas plans to train local employees at its facilities in Europe and the U.S.

    Vestas aims to participate in the upcoming government auctions for projects throughout 2014. WIth its increased local capacity, Vestas said it may also produce turbines in Brazil for export to the rest of Latin America.


  • 10 Jun 2014 8:35 AM | Anonymous
      Original news was published on 9 June, 2014
    Original news was published on 9 June,2014      Delta Maritime arranged for a direct special truck transport from Greece to the Netherlands for a shipment of oversized conveyor belOriginal news was published on 9 June, 2014

    Delta Maritime arranged for a direct special truck transport from Greece to the Netherlands for a shipment of oversized conveyor belts.

    The cargo was loaded at Volos, a coastal port city in Thessaly about 326 kilometers north of Athens. Each conveyor belt weighed 42 tons and measured 7 meters long, 1.8 meters wide and 3.3 meters high, the Worldwide Project Consortium WWPC said in a statement on behalf of its Greek member.

    From Volos, Delta Maritime’s truck transport traveled more than 2,500 kilometers to Rotterdam and discharged its cargoes.


  • 09 Jun 2014 9:16 AM | Anonymous

         Original news was published on 8 June, 2014

    HONG KONG's Anglo-Eastern and London based V.Ships, both shipmanagers, will consolidate purchasing activities worth US$1 billion through MARCAS, Marine Contracting Association, to support cost-cutting in challenging markets.

    MARCAS, a well-established association founded in 1999, has a membership of owners and managers responsible for operating 1,200 ships. Anglo-Eastern and V.Ships will be contracting for some 1,700 vessels.

    MARCAS negotiates and signs contracts with suppliers worldwide as agent on behalf of members all of whom retain management and control of their purchasing, logistics and invoicing.

    As members of MARCAS deal direct with their suppliers, benefiting from the global frame contracts arranged by MARCAS, there will be no employee changes within the Anglo-Eastern or V.Ships.

    Said Anglo-Eastern CEO Peter Cremers: "We have a duty to our clients to explore any partnerships which can deliver savings; these are paramount for our owners in these very tough markets".

    V.Ships involvement with MARCAS over the past 15 years has allowed the aggregation of purchase volumes to obtain maximum value goods and services.

    Anglo-Eastern's Ivan Blazina of group's purchasing department said additional advantages are confirmed by existing and new suppliers of "higher volumes leading to lower prices for owners and a more secure environment for suppliers".

    All owners and managers who are members of MARCAS continue to operate their separate organisations, pursuing their own strategic development and promoting their competitive advantage.


  • 09 Jun 2014 9:06 AM | Anonymous
       Original news was published on 7 June, 2014

    OOCL accredited to use dual eco reporting standards by Lloyd's Register

    HONG KONG's Orient Overseas Container Line (OOCL) is to use dual environmental reporting through the use of both Clean Cargo Working Group (CCWG) and ISO 14064-1 verifications to certify transparency, accuracy, completeness, consistency and relevance of its data disclosure on vessel emissions in 2013.

    OOCL was accredited by UK Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance (LRQA), an independent business assurance service provider, after checking the carbon dioxide, sulphur oxides and Greenhouse Gas (GHG) (Scope 1) emission levels of OOCL vessels.

    LRQA verified that OOCL prepared all the proper documentation and records showing the effective management over data integrity and that not a single discrepancy, misstatement and nonconformity was identified between the emission data collected in the samples from the randomly selected vessels by LRQA and the data submitted by OOCL for the year 2013.

    Lloyd's Register Asia Pacific president John Rowley said such a scheme recognises the safety, commercial and environmental performance of shipping for many years.

    "OOCL's achievement is a testament to their environmental commitment, through publicly demonstrating that the environmental performance data of their fleet is prepared with high accuracy, completeness and transparency," he said.

    Additionally, OOCL has completed the verification of GHG reporting against ISO 14064-1, which specifies principles and requirements at the organisation level for quantification and reporting of GHG emissions and removals.

    It includes requirements for the design, development, management, reporting and verification of an organisation's GHG inventory.


  • 06 Jun 2014 4:44 PM | Anonymous

    10 heavy-lifts loaded onto barge for transport from Mumbai to Kochi

    Reshamsingh & Co. has handled the loading and unloading of equipment for BCPL’s refinery expansion in Kochi, India, for GR Engineering.

    Reshamsingh moved 10 heavy-lifts, each weighing between 70 and 200 tons, as part of the total 5,000-ton shipment, Cargo Equipment Experts CEE said in a statement for its member. The equipment was transported from Mumbai Port to Kochi.

    The extremely difficult operation included roll-on/off onto an H & P barge, taking into consideration tidewater schedules. Once the cargoes were discharged at the Ernakulam Wharf at Kochi Port, they were rolled into a temporary storage area.


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