Freight Midpoint International 
Forwarders Network


FM Quality: Highly Professional and have just started developing confidence in other members as we interact more frequently.

FM Members: Friendly, expert opinion always at your disposal and with fast response.

FM Management and Approach: We are new to this network and it has been an wonderful experience till date and hats of to Mr. Kemal and his team.

FM AGMs and Quality of Arrangements:  This was our first AGM in Hong Kong and looking forward to also join in Dubai and hope we will be able to gain more knowledge and partners confidence in the next meet. Again we thank the FM Management to have given us such a wonderful platform to perform..

M.Subbarayan | Operations Director
PGA Trading & Shipping Inc.


It is a great honor and my privilege to write and recommend the Freight Midpoint International Forwarders Network of which we have now been members for two profitable years. The FM management team are friendly efficient professionals who have consistently organized highly successful conferences/AGMs for all member participants. The FM management team take a great deal of pride in making sure we the members are there first priority and carefully scrutinise new applicants to make sure those companies are of the highest standard in ethics, service, & profitability. If your company wish to join a professional yet friendly freight forwarding family then look no further than FM international Forwarders Network.

Vince Hattie | Proprietor
Freight Services Limited


It was a great pleasure registering in FM global and also attending the 3rd Annual General Meeting in Hong Kong. It was a great experience as many logistics companies were on board on the same platform sharing their views and responses. We got to know new people from new industry from across the borders of the company.

My sincere thanks to FM Team who insisted us for such international meetin
g. The conference held with personalities from top countries all over the world who shared their over views in logistics.

We were over-whelmed with the kind of response we got from this conference and also contacted many people who were on board. This conference really helped us built our business vastly from India to all countries. This created an new business generation for our company and also shared a friendly hood with the same companies. It helped us in creating our markets from the borders which were out of our thoughts before. We also researched and gained new markets because of this conference.

Thanks to FM Team for such conference on huge platform and also will be further part of such conference & would like to attend the meetings further.

Vaishali Shah | Managing
Zorba Logistics Pvt. Ltd.


Since joining Freight Midpoint, our business has developed many key contacts with several FM Members around the world, we were truly surprised with the FM quality and FM management and it’s approach during the FM AGM in Istanbul and Hong Kong.

I highly recommend any professional freight forwarding business/agent to become members of Freight Midpoint for the following reasons:

-    Global exposure and presence
-    Quality and arrangement of AGM’s
-    Back up and support of the FM administration team
-    Peace of mind through the INO Global Protection
-    Reliable and prompt responses from agents

If you want to grow your business in the right direction, I would personally recommend you to become a FM Member!

Tony Nikro | Manager
Nikro Customs & Trade Services Pty. Ltd.


Currently I find it excellent, with a lot of opportunities for myself to learn.

Members: The above statement is only possible due to the quality of the members. Friendly, cooperative, approachable.

Management and approach: The less interactive the management, the better they did their jobs.

AGMS: Only been to one, I loved it. Organization was excellent, looking forward for the next one.

Ognyan Chakarov | Managing Director
ADL Ltd (Anywhere Delivery & Logistics)


“Success occurs when opportunity meets preparation”
This saying was exemplified during the 3rd AGM of Freight Midpoint at Hong Kong and it was evident that FM team had spend many months planning for the event as it showed in the way it was professionally organized. It was an opportunity for me to attend the AGM which was very resourceful and a good platform for young aspirants in logistics to exchange valuable information about their company. It was a very well structured event which also allowed for a one-to-one discussion enabling to build stronger understanding of the other members company profile and the opportunities available with these companies. Moreover all the FM team as well as members were too helpful and supporting. Congratulations to the FM team for a successful as well as memorable AGM. We look forward to similar AGMs in the future.

Prakash Iyer | Director
Merc Logistics (India) Pvt. Ltd.

FM Quality
- Perfect.

FM Members - They are strongly united.

FM Management and Approach - Excellent, well educated and friendly.

FM AGMs and Quality of Arrangements - It was perfect arrangement and lovely.

Why should an agent join Freight Midpoint? - Because we learn a lot and we communicate to each other in term of business. We are all business partners to each other. That make as strongly united group. God bless all FM members especially the management. See you there at the 4th AGM.

Michael Nti | Chief Executive
Air-Sea Services Ghana Limited


FREIGHT MIDPOINT INT’L FORWARDERS NETWORK provides a robust platform for multi dimensional growth. FM business process and their format provide an opportunity to explore new avenues to work with dedicated and well evaluated member agents. Ever since we Trans Express Freight Lines Pvt Ltd, became a part of this organization, we have had immense support and cooperations with fellow members and the FM management in our endeavor to be the premier logistics service provider.

Best wishes and our sincere thanks and to FREIGHT MIDPOINT INT’L FORWARDERS NETWORK.

S.Koteeswaran | Managing Director
Trans Express Freight Lines Pvt Ltd

Really a great experience attending the 3rd FM AGM there in Hong Kong this May 2016. It’s my 1st time attending FM’s AGM but not my 1st time for this kind of meeting, I have also joined other alliances before, but quite impressed I did really enjoy this meeting since it’s obviously different with those I joined.

1)FM Quality: Well organized, nice communication in between FM headquarters & members, information always be updated in time, it’s great indeed.

2)Members: Comparing with other alliance, members in FM are more likely be “family”, for this we can feel obviously from the daily “WhatsApp” forum after the meeting.

3)Management&Approach: Efficiency; accuracy; integrated; aggressiveness; decent!

4)AGMs and Quality of Arrangements: Perfect, for example, this time in Hong Kong, can make it so successful in such a tiny city, it’s really not so easy.  Well done !!!

5)Why should an agent join Freight Midpoint ? There are more than hundreds of Logistics Alliance in the world nowadays, but really not easy to find one which includes the above 1) ~ 4) points with reasonable annual fee and AGM attending charge, why not ? :)

Jeffrey Chen | General Manager
Combine International Logistics Co., Ltd.

I have join FM just less than 2 years and the 3rd AGM in Hong Kong is our first year attending the AGM.

It was such an opportunity and experience to be able to meet other FM good partner in person.

During the AGM which we could share business exchange, ideas and also get to know each other profile and business exchange opportunity during the AGM.

Besides that, we are able to meet good friends/partners who have already cooperate in person to extend friendship.Such experience does gives a good platform to good partners to be able to exchange contacts, friendship and business opportunity.

Looking forward to be able to join in the next available AGM.

Jason Ho | General Manager
Sea-Net Cargo Express (S) Pte Ltd

We feel privileged to be part of Freight Midpoint Network which gave us the opportunity to have face to face meeting with attending member.

Really I enjoyed both AGM I attend in Istanbul and Hong Kong and noted that all member felt that they knew each other long time ago.

Freight Midpoint is an excellent organization choosing their members carefully and gave us great opportunity to reach the whole world.

I would like to thank the team of FM for their excellent arrangement for the meetings and giving us the chance to meet such a nice people.

Issa Hassan | Managing Director
Geran Maritime Services Company

This is my first AGM in Freight Midpoint. I see it very interesting small and medium sized network that brings a lot of wealth and experience to my company. The Quality of AGM is really good and sincerity of most of the members is great. FM members whom my company clicked to was really good quality and very reliable. My company is already engaged with more than 4 agents since my meeting few weeks ago and hope that I can increase my engagement with more agents. The meetings were extremely smooth and organized and my meetings were on time and very well maintained. I think if any agent need to join FM they need to know that large sized networks and agents will not benefit small and medium sized companies as they are already engaged with many and have their businesses moving already. My commitment in new areas has changed a lot and have gained friendships and great insight of real people who are seeking real business.

George Shashati | Managing Director
Shashati Freight Service


FM Quality
Great organization and quite professional.

FM Members
Kindly and professional.

FM Management and Approach
Nice team and professional, make all member like family.

FM AGMs and Quality of Arrangements
Everything was good.

I really enjoy the FM meeting not only this is a business platform but also friend circle. Thanks for all FM members and looking forward to the next meeting.

Gary Zha | Vice GM
ET International Logistics Co., Ltd.


FM Quality
High quality standard and professional. 

FM Members
A lot of interesting companies. We stay already 2 Years in the network and work with a lot of different members together. It’s our pleasure to be a part of the FM Family.

FM Management and Approach
First of all a special thanks to Ms. Selda and Mr. Kemal for the nice arrangements in Istanbul & Hong Kong. The management and their team make a good job and have a lot of experience and are professional.

FM AGMs and Quality of Arrangements
The AGM in Hong Kong was my second one. Also in Istanbul the management has organized a nice hotel with beautiful meeting room. The hotel rooms was fantastic. They have also organized a beautiful evening program with eat, dance and drinks.

Why should an agent join Freight Midpoint?
To meet new and reliable partners which have a lot of experience and are trustful. Also to discuss with the different members about problems, customs situations etc. and to find new friends all over the world. For me it is a success to be a Freight Midpoint member and I’m thankful for the two years with the support from the different partners/friends. I look already forward to the next meeting in Dubai and hope to see you all there.

Fabian Heil | Airfreight Manager
Cargobay Ltd.

FM Quality: Very Professional network and well organized.

FM Members: Professional, friendly and very responsive.

FM Management and Approach: Mr. Kemal and his supporting staff members are very experience and run a professional organization.

FM AGMs and Quality of Arrangements:
The AGM in Hong Kong was well organized and ran smoothly. Job well done to Mr. Kemal and his team.

Why should an agent join Freight Midpoint? Professional Forwarders Network committed in provides real logistics solutions.

David Hitchcock | Vice President
Maritime Synergy (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

FM Quality
Just I’m say it is fantastic, well systemized and everything is perfect than ever expected. Everyone to represents FM is well trained, qualified and smart I never experienced previously which is a good enough to give me a clear picture who is FM and can feel power of it that anyone can’t resist.

FM Members

03rd AGM held in HK is the first time for me to attend and everyone attends AGM is a quite knowledgeable in the field of forwarding business as well as friendly, humorous and familiar, even though there is no any chance to met each other, and I felt that the level is extremely high and some of them I met is respectable indeed, leaving the business aside.

FM Management and Approach
It’s the reality that the management of FM is the most humble, kind and polite I never experienced to meet to attend other networks I’ve been.

FM AGMs and Quality of Arrangements
In a word “PERFECT”

Why should an agent join Freight Midpoint?
Main purpose to participate the FM is to expand business territories and to know recent paradigm in the logistics aspect and to find a partners reliable all over the world. FM gave me a confidence to reorganize partnership eventually.

B.W.Ryu | Managing Director
BK Maritime Co., Ltd.


FM Quality:
Result-oriented and professional network, dynamic platform with consistently absorbing high-quality and reliable members.

FM Members:
Target-oriented, energetic members from worldwide gathering together to develop business for mutual benefits. It is not only a platform to get business, but to broaden the horizon to manage your business and widen your knowledge of main trend in logistics industry.

FM Management and Approach:
Thanks for Mr Kemal and his team, the founder of this network. Based on his dedication and efforts, the members are increasing year by year after its foundation.

FM AGMs and Quality of Arrangements:
We really enjoyed the 3rd AGM hold in Hong Kong. We spent a great time and had one-one meeting with our target agents during the conference.With detailed scheduling and instructions and user-friendly accommodation arrangement.It makes me feel like we are a great family members.

Why should an agent join Freight Midpoint?
Freight Midpoint is a superb network connecting with freight forwarders all around the world. We would like to share our actual and sincere business with partners. We are able to get huge back up and benefit a lot from family members to support our business in every corner of the world. In all, the professional and reliable networking is strongly recommended.

David LIN | Director
China Wellfast Logistics Co.,Ltd.

FM Quality
All the message/information spread/website design/event organization are top level.

FM Members
All members introduced by old members, this brings reliable and tight connection. Even though now FM is still not big one, but better thing is we can know all members very well and can develop together with each other. Also I think it is good to have limited members in one area, and within the limitation, members have different advantage is very important. So far members we met are professional and even members from same area, they have different main business, when we come across some difficulty, we have the right person to turn to. Great!

FM Management and Approach

FM was running by a professional, quick-action and passionate team. We can get members information quickly and update our news without delay. This make me feel very reliable and the network really cares her members.
FM AGMs and Quality of Arrangements
Good arrangement of meeting time slot, tables, picture taking, esp. the venue choosing, which is convenient for most of the members. Thanks Kemal and Selda and whole team for your fantastic job!

Why should an agent join Freight Midpoint?
It is a good and reliable network to build up connection with the world, also to strengthen your coverage of the world. Just come and try.

Daphne JIN | Director
Shenzhen Focus Global Logistics Corporation Ltd.

FM Quality: Very professional organization.

FM Members: Professional Members with fast feedback and the best logistic solution.

FM Management and Approach: Professional and friendly.

FM AGMs and Quality of Arrangements: Perfect organized.
HLS Germany joined the Freight Midpoint Network in the begin of 2016. The FM Meeting at Hong Kong was our first meeting and we found very professional members & friends in a very short time. Now we have partners all over the world and could grow up our sea freight business. We are very happy to be a member of Freight Midpoint !

Best Regards
Marcus Schwarz/Managing Director
Hanseatic Logistic Solutions Germany GmbH

Freight Midpoint Network is consist of a numbers of independent small-medium enterprises owned by professionals and expertise in freight forwarding and logistics Industry. Most of members have similar ways of thinking where work is fun.. no stress..
The process of recruitment is through recommendation from one who already member is also ensure that the company who joint is selective one and have a good reputation. With limitation number of members within certain countries, results there's not much inside competition rather than supporting each others. The philosophy of friendship is above all likewise, if we have a good friendship within network, means we also build-up a trust. When trust already in place then the business is automatically is coming. Dedication among members will also automatically grow from the feeling as business partner turns into more and more as family-network relationship.
The Annual General Meeting, is true place where the money is! A very well planned and structured in the meeting arrangement is most our success key and well supported by joining this association. We always bring home positive energy, get new partner, new business and new ideas as the outcome of AGM.  I always very keen to attend the next AGM...

Adji Bhirowo / Managing Director
PT. Geofreight Indonesia

It's indeed a great honor to be part of Freight Midpoint "A fast growing network". We all know that Freight forwarding is not an easy business. There are a lot of competitors all over the world. Most especially we have to find a reliable partners that can provide mutually beneficial relationships.

After joining this network i can say that "I AM PROUD TO BE A MEMBER" of a network who can provide our company needs under Mr. Kemal's supervision. We got a lot of business and it makes us feel that we are all in one family.

We are free to ask questions and receive feedback which i have been proven when i have attended the conference. I am very impressed on how the event has always been organized.

Hope we'll continue to meet and bring inspired and reliable people.

G.D. Khan / Managing Director
Prime Logistics W.L.L.


FM Quality: The Network “Freight Midpoint” (FM) is an unique network. It is unique because the goal of this network is, not to have hundreds of members in each country, but only some individual and professional members per each country. So the goal is to have a closer relationship with these kind of exclusive members. Due to the selection of FM-members we have very professional, reliable and high qualified members inside this network.

FM Members: We, JL Logistic GmbH, Germany, are a member since beginning of 2015. Our experience with other members within FM-Network is a very good one. The FM-members are very professional, with high motivated and qualified staff, who have a very long experience in the freight forwarding business.

FM Management and Approach:
Mrs. Selda and Mr. Kemal and their team are very professional in freight forwarding business and not only in “networking”. They know our needs very well and they serve this network in a very professional way. If you have any problem and questions, they always help and reply in a very fast way, which is very important in our business.

FM AGMs and Quality of Arrangements: I only missed the 1st AGM in Kuala Lumpur in 2014. I attended to all other AGM’s in Istanbul (2015) and Hong Kong (2016).  All conferences were very good organized, starting from the place / city, the Hotel’s and Meeting rooms. Same as the agenda for the conference were excellent. There was enough time to speak with each other and have fruitful meetings. Again my congratulations to Mrs. Selda & Mr. Kemal for the professional organization of all this AGMs. I will attend to the next AGM in Dubai (2017), too.

Why you should join FM ?

FM is a professional network made by and for professional freight forwarders. The communication flow is very fast within the group members. The charges and services from the FM-members are very good and competitive. During the last one-and-a-half year we build up some very close and trustful relationships with several FM-members.

Thomas Waschke / Managing Director & Shareholder of
JL Logistic GmbH


FM Quality: Professional, Reliable and highly motivated network with keen sense of responsibility.

FM Members: Passionate, friendly, expert staff always at your disposal, with fast response and the best logistic solution.

FM Management and Approach: This Network has been created by Mr.Kemal and his team based on his vision and ambition. 

FM AGMs and Quality of Arrangements:  After I joined the  first AGM in Kuala Lumpur MALAYSIA, I am looking forward to also join next meeting Istanbul TURKEY, for sure it will be even better than the previous one. Again this thanks to FM Management .

Why should you join Freight Midpoint?

Because  FM is  a network made by professional Forwarders for demanding forwarders, providing logistic solution to your business all over the world.

Lucio Peressini
Cermesoni International S.r.l.


For the FM 1st AGM, it was a great event and I enjoyed every moment there. We would like to thank you for organizing a very successful meeting in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

FM COVERAGE: We definitely have gain good coverage with those members we met for the first time. Everyone was nice and I was able to meet a lot of quality people. I’m already in communication with many of the people I met and am also very optimistic that we will be working together with many of the members. I do believe we will growing business together among member with family environment. It was great..! I look forward to seeing them at the next FM Annual General Meeting.

FM Management and Approach:
I also would like to express my sincere gratitude to Mrs.Selda and Mr.Kemal, in managed FMs meeting in Kuala Lumpur. It was a very pleasant and prospected meeting. Once again It was my pleasure to be a FM member. It’s always nice to to talk with someone who knows our business and expectations. Congratulations to the organizers.

FM AGMs and Quality of Arrangements

Knowing already the organisers, I’m really not surprised at the quality of the organization, the meeting place chosen and the resources made available to members. Just would like to say. Congratulations again.

Why should you join Freight Midpoint ?

Test and you adopt. Prior to the business man, we are human beings. The quality of the friendly relations established with FM’s members will inevitably lead to the desire to work, to develop and grow together.

Celestin MOREIRA
Managing Director, CEO



Because Freight Midpoint 1st Annual General Meeting was an opportunity not to be missed. FM Management has taken the effort to coordinate the events in manners which members were allowed to interact at each with one another. Many thoughts has been put into getting this first event off the feet and this in itself is an achievement. Veteran logistician like us would find it a challenge just to attract enough people from different background and countries to come together. If not mistaken there were representatives from 19 countries which is a good start. Generally FM members were small to medium size companies which is ideal because they are generally more hungry to develop their business.

Members who are generally involve in freight forwarding and total logistics will find FM Network an excellent platform to start their international network. I must say that Transprompt Freight (M) Sdn Bhd has already achieve some success from this meeting. Since the last AGM we have already start to work on some solid collaboration with some of the agents. Obviously we would support these agents because I have personally meet each one of them and this has given me more confident in dealing with them. I can still see their smiling faces and friendly gesture even till today. The many photograph which I have taken definitely will allow me to spot them at the airport when I visit them on my next business trip. Agents from other countries who has not found a network to join should seriously consider FM-Freight Midpoint. Joining FM Network is one of my best move this year.  I look forward to the next AGM and meeting all these hardworking agents. Not forgetting Mr.Kemal and Mrs.Selda who had done a recommendable job.

All the best.

Kind regards
Stephen Chang
Managing Director


Shipping is peope's biz, FM is people's gathering.

The network grows up sharply, and we are honor to be the member of FM from early beginning.

Every AGM is fantastic organising, and it is success because the professional efforts from the great FM team.  

Friends here are easygoing, ready to cooperate, and work toward the same direction, better and better. 

We need reliable worldwide agents to help our biz, and FM is one of the best choice.

Let's have the greater future in FM.

Best regards
Thomas Liu, MD


Freight Midpoint was far from just a membership which we have had already it was really easy for a Freight Forwarder like us to be a member as FM Management really handle membership in a professional way.

FM Members who attended the First Conference, including our company itself had a blast during the conference, not only on a business side but on a child side of each and everyone, from the Dinner, which some of us participated including yours truly had a great time that night and after the  lounge get together everybody had a great time!

FM Management Mr.Kemal & Mrs.Selda was seasoned in doing great job in any way at the time of the conference so as before the conference.

FM quality of arrangements was professionally done, punctual and organized, however the next time we attend the conference, we should really be very punctual as they were very strict to the point that we've missed really the very first official picture taking. :-) as they really mean what they say.

But lastly, we really encouraged Freight Forwarders such as us to join FM to realized that we cannot live all by ourself alone in this kind of business but we need friends and trusted partners which you can find at Freight Midpoint Group.

Best Regards
Olive Blanco-Isleta


FM Quality:
Professional Network.

FM Members: Professional Members.

FM Management and Approach: Professional.

FM AGMs and Quality of Arrangements: Professional.

Insa Air & Sea Logistics would like to congratulate Freight Midpoint for first excellent Meeting in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We enjoyed attending and meeting a lot of Freight Midpoint members.

We’re now member since beginning and had joined every convention. It is good to see that the members are increased a lot in the last few years.

Freight Midpoint provides a superb environment for connecting with other freight forwarders. Many thanks again to Selda + Kemal.
See you all next time.
Take Care.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen / with best regards
Oliver Buell

954 Lincoln S.A. | ARGENTINA

FM Quality: Great organization and very professional.

FM Members: I was surprised about all members on first annual meeting being very relaxed and confident about biz, all looks very professional and with many years of knowledge and huge back up.

FM Management and Approach: Nice people, very professional, makes everyone feel like an old family members.

FM AGMs and Quality of Arrangements: Everything was perfect.

I really enjoyed our first meeting, we have spent a great time all together starting not only biz but friendship, meeting very interesting people and learning a lot about forwarding in other places. Thanks FM Family for letting me to be part of it and make me felt so comfortable.

Gabriel Ferrari/Director


Why join FM?

Because you can benefit from Freight Midpoint a lot more than you ever have expected.

FM Quality:

Professionally and consistently offering an efficient platform for communication among members. Thanks Mr.Kemal & Mrs.Selda for the nice arrangement in the conference in Malaysia.

FM Members:

A good chance to know members with similar mindsets and mutual goals. It’s great to be involved in FM Family to grow with others and develop business together. I’m sure that I can find trusted partners here.

FM Management and Approach:

Professional and detailed-minded work by Mr.Kemal & Mrs.Selda.

FM AGMs and Quality of Arrangements:

Everything was real fine in the conference, e.g. resources provided to members, location. I’m thankful for the efficient and high quality FM Family offered us.

Lorna Wong/General Manager


I have just attended the First Annual General Meeting of  the Freight Midpoint at Malaysia.  I have good opportunities to meet face to face and interact with the top professionals of freight forwarders and logistics companies. 

We have genuine and sincere business sharing.  The event was great and well structured!  Very professional, very helpful and enjoyed by all!

Eagle Freight Logistics is delighted to recommend Freight Midpoint to our business counterparts.  Ultimately, a reliable and strong networking is what we want!

Johnson Hung/Managing Director



FM Quality
It’s a really nice and organized network. Even though this was just the first annual general meeting , I can see a professional organization from Freight Midpoint!!

FM Members
All of the members are really friendly and professional. Since the market is very competitive, So find a reliable agent is really important. And I believe Freight Midpoint is the right place to dig and discover.

FM Management and Approach

Mr.Kemal and Mrs. Selda are very experienced and professional. They have done a really good management.

FM AGMs and Quality of Arrangements:

Very Professional, Well organized with very smooth and abundant schedule.

Why Join FM?

Freight Midpoint is a right place to be, A good partner is always the first point we are considering before we join a network. And I have to say the people here are really amazing. We play and work like a family. Its rare, but I really made some good friends here.

Andy Wang/Sales Manager


The first AGM in Malaysia was professional  managed and organised compared to how some other network operate. It was particular valuable in that all our meeting were organised in advance of the visit and in all cases, the agents  had some information about the person  and company they are meeting in advance.

Many network organisation collect members money and wait until the next conference meetings, before contacting their members. Freightmidpoint  regularly update their members with news and information pertaining to the freight industries and guide you on how best to get the most from your membership and the agent network.

I was particularly, please that, they made an issue of pointing out to all memebrs, this is a reciprocal arrangements and it is only by having this mind set would you get the most  from  your membership and co-agents.

For a young and vibrant network, they have done superbly well in the short time of their existence  and our sincere thanks to their kind welcome and hospitality.

Anthony Sawyerr/Managing Director


Logistics is all about giving cost effective and righteous solutions for global logistics needs which is an important component of the international trade. However moving business internationally without any authentic guarantee is quite risky. FM Network serves as a secured platform to conduct global logistics transactions and developing friendly business relationship with partners around the world.

Initially when I first joined the network, I was not aware of the benefits it could provide for myself to grow the business and conduct business in a safer environment but later on proved beneficial for my business growth with hassle free global transactions.

FM Network is a close knitted logistics group which unites global agents as a family to work for the betterment of each other’s business. I am really looking forward to attend and meet family members at its 2nd annual general meeting which will be held in Turkey this year.

Danish Naseer/Managing Director


For Nalchik Cargo LLC, it was  really good opportunity to be part of the first conference of Freight Midpoint, where we meet with nice people and professional freight forwarders from mostly all over the global.

Also as a first conference for new and young association, it was so wonderful and great effort from the organizer and chairman to have such variety of freight forwarders, where they cover the most important hubs for freight industry.

We believe most of member now have no problem to handle any business from any part of the world with such members.

Wish you all the best and hope to see you all with more new members in next conference.

Fouad Ishak/Managing Director
Nalchik Cargo LLC


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